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OpenShift at ZendCon
I was recently invited to speak and attend the annual ZendCon PHP conference in Santa Clara California and had a marvelous time speaking with fellow PHP developers and learning more about the technologies that Zend has to offer on the OpenShift platform.

PHP’s Time Has Come in the Cloud

One of the biggest takeaways from the conference is that PHP developers have begun to migrate their applications to the cloud. OpenShift is a great platform for these new cloud converts because we offer outstanding support for the PHP language as well as the most popular databases PHP developers are consuming. A couple of the biggest advantages that OpenShift offers to PHP developers is Auto-Scaling and support for Zend Server.

Auto scaling on OpenShift for PHP applications works out of the box and removes the headache of having to manually install, configure, and secure load balancers for your application. Scaling works by examining the number of concurrent HTTP requests that your application is receiving. If it reaches a certain threshold, the platform will spin up a new gear, rsync your code over, and then add the new gear to your HAProxy load balancer.

Zend Server is Free on OpenShift Online

Zend Server has been available on the OpenShift platform for just over a year. During my conference session, I asked how many people were using Zend Server for their PHP applications and was a bit shocked that the number of hands that were raised was quiet low. When diving a little deeper, the majority of people were not using this application server because of the initial cost to get started. With OpenShift, even on the free tier, PHP developers are able to use Zend Server for their applications for zero cost. To get started with Zend Server, simple enter the following command or use the web console:

$ rhc app create myZendApp zend-5.6

If you also want to include a MySQL database, modify the above command to the following:

$ rhc app create myZendApp zend-5.6 mysql-5.1

And lastly, if you want to add automatic scaling for your application:

$ rhc app create myPHPApp php-5.3 mysql-5.1 -s

The Future of PHP is Bright

I also had the opportunity to hang out in the OpenShift booth in the expo hall where I was able to speak with a lot of the conference attendees. It was great to meet so many developers that were attending for the first time as they had plans to migrate some of their existing applications to the PHP language. It was refreshing to see continued progress with the language to be able to attract converts who have been developing in other language for many years. Given the number of top notch enterprise customers and huge social websites (facebook) using the PHP platform, it has proven to be a very stable platform for the past generation, current generation, a future generation of applications.

It was a pleasure being able to meet with so many PHP developers and discuss the latest trends in the community. I learned a lot of great things, spoke with some super smart developers, and began to learn about Zend Framework 2. I left the conference feeling excited about the future of the community and am looking forward to continuing to use PHP is my future projects.

What’s Next?

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