Upgrade Cygwin to Console2 and Improve Windows Productivity - Archived

If you are interacting with OpenShift using a Cygwin installation on Microsoft Windows, you probably feel the same way that I do about the default terminal.  Coming from a Linux background, I was a little shocked at the lack of features — such as tabbed consoles that help me to be more productive while interacting with the rhc client tools.  In this blog post, I will show you how to replace the default terminal application with something more powerful.

Assumptions:  The blog post assumes that the user has a working Cygwin installation on their computer.

Step 1: Download Console2

Point your browser over to the console sourceforge project site and download the latest version.


Step 2: Extract the contents

Once you have downloaded the zip archive, extract the contents to a directory on your windows machine.  I put mine under c:\apps\console2\


Step 3: Start console

Navigate to the directory where you extracted Console2, and execute the Console.exe file.  This will start the Console application and should display a DOS prompt.  That’s great, but we wanted Console to be our Cygwin terminal, not a DOS terminal.

Step 4: Add console as your Cygwin terminal

Click Edit -> Settings -> Tabs and select to add a new tab.  Give the tab a name of Cygwin and type the following in the Shell input field

C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe –login –i

Step 5: Rock

You should now be able to open a new tab and bask in your new Cygwin terminal glory.



Note:  If you need help installing the rhc client tools on windows, check out this video.

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