The Power of Open Source… Microsoft .NET and OpenShift

The Power of Open Source... Microsoft .NET and OpenShift

Red Hat and Microsoft just made a game-changing announcement. Having personally worked with Linux since the early nineties, this is a time that seemed inconceivable at any point. In fact, a little over 18 months ago, we started adding Microsoft .NET capabilities to OpenShift Origin, and received a lot of interest from community members, customers and partners for a commercially available solution around this effort. We were never able to natively pull everything together to provide the support and enterprise quality that customers require from Red Hat – until now.


OpenShift and Microsoft .NET in Action

We are collaborating with Uhuru Software to bring Microsoft .NET and SQL Server capabilities to OpenShift, as an open source community-driven effort in OpenShift Origin. The demo will show the work done to date and how easy it is to deploy a .NET application with OpenShift. Read more in the blog post: Microsoft .NET Apps […]