How to Migrate Your Java App to OpenShift

OpenShift Online recently announced crossing a new milestone. Over two million applications have been created on the platform! This is a significant announcement because it further illustrates how developers are migrating to Platform as a Service to help them rapidly create and deploy applications.

The news for the Platform as a Service space is not so rosy across the board though. I received an email this morning from the CEO of another PaaS announcing that they are shutting down their PaaS service to focus on Jenkins. This blog post will not delve into speculation of why they decided to shut down their PaaS but rather focus on how to migrate your application to the most popular open source PaaS – OpenShift.


Migrate your Java Application from Heroku to OpenShift Demo

This video demos the steps involved in moving a Java app from Heroku to OpenShift. Specifically, it shows how to migrate a Spring MVC app running on Tomcat with a PostgreSQL database, but the process would be similar for many other web servers and technologies. The two main things changed in the app source code […]