How to survive an outage and live to tell about it!

Authors:  Davis Phillips, Annette Clewett Kubernetes Federation‘s objective is to provide a control plane to manage multiple Kubernetes clusters. Unfortunately, Federation is still considered an alpha project with no timeline for General Availability release. As a stop gap for Federation services a couple of different solutions are available for dispersing cluster endpoints: a cluster stretched […]


Keeping both of your OpenShift Container Platforms Highly Available with Keepalived and HAproxy

Until Kubernetes Federation hits the prime time, a number of solutions have sprung up as stop gaps to address geographically dispersing multiple cluster endpoints: stretch clusters and multiple clusters across multiple datacenters. The following article discusses how to configure Keepalived for maximum uptime of HAproxy with multiple cluster endpoints. In the following documentation an HAproxy […]


[Podcast] PodCTL #29 – Kubernetes Networking

[Podcast] PodCTL #29 - Kubernetes Networking

In any environment, networking can be a complex topic. In a Kubernetes environment, there are potentially many layers of networking machinery that are required to make sure that applications are properly addressed, routed and secured. So this week we decided to break down all of the components of a Kubernetes (and OpenShift) networking environment with […]