OpenShift Commons Briefing #80: Workspaces for Dev Teams with Eclipse Che

Red Hat OpenShift Commons

Eclipse Che is a next generation cloud IDE and developer workspace server that allows anyone to contribute to a project without having to install software. Che uses a server to start and snapshot containerized developer workspaces attached to a cloud IDE. In this briefing we’ll demonstrate how Che can be used by a development team with a multi-container application to speed project bootstrapping.


Tips and Tricks for April 1, 2013

Lots of helpful tips for running OpenShift day to day:
Tips for installing the rhc client tools
Tricks for avoiding Unknown key: r (ArgumentError) thrown on rhc client command ssh connection
Tips on how to connect to MySQL from PHP
Trick on how to avoid MongoDB connection failures
Tips for avoiding PHPMailer authentication errors
Tips on how to add libraries to Tomcat applications


OpenShift PaaS Weekly Tips and Tricks – February 15, 2013

Lots of helpful tips for running OpenShift day to day:
Tips on how to run CGI scripts on OpenShift
How to run Symphony on OpenShift
Tips on how to link to uploaded files
Tricks to get around unresolved environment variables
Trick to signing in with Eclipse
How to ssh onto your gear with the client tools and contributing code to OpenShift