Using JFrog’s Artifactory and Red Hat OpenShift Together

Using JFrog's Artifactory and Red Hat OpenShift Together

This blog post was contributed by Craig Peters, Director of Product at JFrog. Red Hat OpenShift is an enterprise-grade platform designed to automate the build, deployment, scaling, and management of container applications on Kubernetes. It allows development teams to focus on software innovation, while enabling them to build and deliver them faster. Back in January […]


Keeping both of your OpenShift Container Platforms Highly Available with Keepalived and HAproxy

Until Kubernetes Federation hits the prime time, a number of solutions have sprung up as stop gaps to address geographically dispersing multiple cluster endpoints: stretch clusters and multiple clusters across multiple datacenters. The following article discusses how to configure Keepalived for maximum uptime of HAproxy with multiple cluster endpoints. In the following documentation an HAproxy […]


[Podcast] PodCTL #45 – Container Registries

[Podcast] PodCTL #45 - Container Registries

This week is the One Year Anniversary of the PodCTL podcast! We’ve now got a few teeth coming in and we’re ready for the terrible twos. This week we dug into the role of Container Registries and how they interact with both Kubernetes, but also CI/CD pipelines and security systems (e.g. scanning, image signing, etc.). […]


Crictl Vs Podman

As people continue to adopt CRI-O as a new container runtime for Kubernetes I am hearing questions from administrators who are confused whether they should use Crictl or Podman to diagnose and understand what is going on in a Kubernetes node. This is not one or the other — these tools are complementary, and this […]


[Podcast] PodCTL #12 – Introduction to CRI-O

[Podcast] PodCTL #12 - Introduction to CRI-O

While the industry has standardized on Kubernetes as the container orchestration standard, there is still quite a bit of choice and innovation that is happening around container standards. In this week’s episode, we talk with Dan Walsh (@rhatdan, Consulting Engineer at Red Hat, container team lead) and Mrunal Patel (@mrunalp, Principal Engineer at Red Hat, OCI/runc […]


[Podcast] PodCTL Basics – How to Containerize an Application

[Podcast] PodCTL Basics - How to Containerize an Application

Last week we created a Basics show focused on Linux containers. This week we’d created a companion Basics show to explain how to actually get applications into Linux containers. We discussed how to choose a base container image, how the layering of a container works, and how to think about the Operating System vs. Application […]


[Podcast] PodCTL Basics – Linux Containers

[Podcast] PodCTL Basics - Linux Containers

One of the goals of this podcast was to create a mix of in-depth and basic content so that anyone interested in Containers and Kubernetes could learn. The weekly show (~ 30mins) go in-depth on various topics, and the “Basics” shows (10mins) are targeting the beginners. Last time we covered the basics of Kubernetes, and […]