[Podcast] PodCTL #30 – 2018 Kubernetes Trends

[Podcast] PodCTL #30 - 2018 Kubernetes Trends

We all love the latest technologies. it’s as if our DNA is wired to constantly chase the next shiny thing. So this week we look ahead at what the trends will be in Kubernetes for CY2018. Some of these are the new shiny things – like Service Mesh (e.g. Istio) or Serverless. Others topics look […]


What’s New in OpenShift 3.5 – Enhanced Usability


The team continues to process feedback and turn it into improvements to the experience of OpenShift, the 3.5 release is no different. There are too many to list in this single blog post, so we’ll highlight a few here such as: “create from URL”, improved feedback messages, more kubernetes resources support and pipeline samples.