[Podcast] PodCTL #50 – Listener Mailbag Questions

[Podcast] PodCTL #50 - Listener Mailbag Questions

As the community around PodCTL has grown (~8000 weekly listeners) we’ve constantly asked them to give us feedback on topics to discuss and areas where they want to learn. This week we discussed and answered a number of questions about big data and analytics, application deployments, routing security, and storage deployment models. The show will […]


OpenShift Commons Big Data SIG #2: Running Apache Spark Natively on Kubernetes with OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift Commons

In this second meeting of the Big Data Special Interest Group, our guest speaker was Erik Erlandson, Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat on the Big Data team. Erik gave a brief introduction to RDD (Resilient Distributed Dataset) in the context of Apache Spark and then dove right into a demo of running Apache Spark natively on OpenShift, Red Hat’s Enterprise-ready Kubernetes for developers.