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Darren Osten

  • Name: Darren Osten

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What inspired you to be a developer?

My father worked for IBM and exposed me to computers at an early age. I have been a professional developer for over 20 years now.

Why did you choose OpenShift as your hosting platform?

OpenShift was the first cloud provider I tested out, mainly since I am doing JBoss development. It was so easy to use I never bothered trying another.

What advantages does OpenShift give you that other hosting platforms don’t?

I can’t say specifically but OpenShift is extremely easy to use and has all the features that I need.

Tell us more about your application currently hosted on OpenShift:
  • Name: SoCal Water Map
  • What does it do? Displays several back country water reports on a map for planning our long distance or weekend hiking treks.
  • What technologies were used to create your app? I am using the WildFly and cron cartridges currently. The app is written in Java using a few POJO’s for business logic and some JAX-RS JSON services. Cron is used to pull in data from other services.
  • What motivated you to create this application and what problems does it solve? As a hiker in southern California, water is crucial to planning treks. There are several web sites that have up-to-date water info, but it was tabular so required a bit of back-and-forth mental mapping to get a geospacial view. I put the sources on a 2D map so it was easy to see which parts of the trails had reliable water. It makes planning much easier IMHO.
  • If your application is Open Source, how can others contribute or get involved? The code is on github. Others are welcome to contribute or report issues or suggestions.
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