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Today, Red Hat and Hortonworks announced a deep partnership between both companies offering a platform for modern enterprises. Their joint solution offers a platform to help organizations take advantage of big data and open source cloud technologies. This is an important announcement bringing closer collaboration between two companies driven by true open source philosophy. This marriage also brings tighter integration to Red Hat’s various enterprise cloud offerings and Hortonworks’ Hadoop platform. In this post, I will explain why I think this is an important announcement.

Modern Enterprise and Big Data

The face of enterprise is changing faster than anytime in the past, mainly driven by cloud computing, social, mobile and big data. From consumer web companies to construction companies to health care companies to financial companies, big data processing is becoming more and more prevalent. It also opens up opportunities for enterprise developers to build apps for taking advantage of data and insights gained from the data. Whether it is for sentiment analysis, product recommendations, or fraud detection, big data is playing a key role in helping enterprises push the boundaries like never before. Big data and modern enterprise applications are completely changing businesses across many different verticals.

Mobile is fast becoming key part of enterprise strategy. It not only offers an interface for enterprise workers to access applications, it is also becoming an important data source. Another interesting trend disrupting the enterprise is the availability of low cost sensors. We are seeing large constructions companies mixing sensors in their construction materials to gain real time data, retail businesses taking advantage of sensors to target their customers, and cities using sensors to regulate traffic, fight crime, etc. These sensors generate huge amounts of data which needs storage and processing to take advantage of valuable underlying insights. This trend, called Industrial Internet, is driven by sensors and it is changing the way enterprises innovate. Such a transformation requires a robust platform to support data processing and application development needs.

Platform for data driven Modern Enterprise

Today’s announcement brings a powerful enterprise platform to the market which takes advantage of leading open source technologies like OpenShift, JBoss, OpenStack, Gluster and Hadoop. By plugging Red Hat’s enterprise cloud platforms into Hadoop Data Platform from Hortonworks, Red Hat offers a best of breed solution for modern enterprises wanting to take advantage of sensors and big data. Key features of this new platform include:

  • resilient storage pool for big data using Red Hat storage
  • flexible underlying cloud infrastructure using Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack offering and Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system with OpenJDK
  • powerful Java application development platform using OpenShift and JBoss Middleware offerings

Enterprise Apache Hadoop on top of open hybrid cloud platform helps organizations innovate rapidly by taking advantage of large volumes of data stored and real time data from sensors. This platform helps enterprises up their game using true open source best of breed technologies.

Role of OpenShift

Handling and processing big data is a critical component for enterprises, however to offer the most value to business users, organizations must offer a powerful application platform for their developers. It is not just a younger generation of developers in startups who are demanding powerful, developer friendly cloud platforms–demand is coming more and more from enterprise developers too. Enterprise executives understand the value of big data and are pushing their IT to offer a powerful application platform that can offer the same benefit as hosted PaaS offerings while also meeting the security needs of their organization.

Even though modern languages have gained traction among startups offering web facing consumer applications, Java is still the dominant enterprise language. In fact, I would even say that Java is the language meant for the industrial internet era dominated by sensors and other mobile devices. Even among the developers of consumer web applications, newer Java frameworks and Javascript have gained wider acceptance. With Javascript becoming a first class citizen under Java 8, Java will continue to dominate both consumer and modern enterprise application development.

OpenShift, with its support for JBoss, is perfectly suited to help enterprise developers build modern Java applications, taking advantage of big data or real time data from the sensors. The open architecture of OpenShift allows developers to use JBoss Middleware technologies to build powerful Java applications and other services on top of big data.


Today’s announcement of our partnership with Hortonworks offers a compelling solution to enterprises wanting to build modern applications while empowering their business users to innovate on top of their data. This is just the beginning with endless future possibilities. Red Hat, with its leadership position as an open source enterprise company, is very well positioned to help enterprises navigate big data and meet the needs of industrial internet.

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