More Published Books About OpenShift - Archived

You're probably familiar with the OpenShift O'Reilly book we did last year.

Did you know several other books about OpenShift have been authored and published by Red Hat employees from the OpenShift Team?

Learning OpenShift by Grant Shipley

Learning OpenShift

Oct 29, 2014
by Grant Shipley

This book will guide you through the essential concepts necessary to use the OpenShift platform. Whether you have years of experience or just starting to learn how to develop software, this book will provide you with all of the information you need from account creation, installation and configuration of client tools to integrating an IDE with the service, deployment, and management of PHP and Java-based applications.

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OpenShift Cookbook by Shekhar Gulati

OpenShift Cookbook

Oct 29, 2014
by Shekhar Gulati

This book will start by showing you how to create OpenShift applications, use different databases with your applications, and deal with your applications based on your background as a developer. All bases have been covered with very extensive sections on the Java, Python, and Node platforms. Your enlightening quest into OpenShift will conclude with a discussion on how to continuously integrate and deploy your apps using Jenkins, and how OpenShift can help you build horizontally scalable applications.

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Getting Started with OpenShift by Steve Pousty and Katie Miller

Getting Started with OpenShift

Jun 6, 2014
by Steve Pousty and Katie Miller

With this concise book, you get a quick hands-on introduction to OpenShift, the open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering from Red Hat. You'll learn the steps necessary to build, deploy, and host a complete real-world application on OpenShift, without having to read long, detailed explanations of the technologies involved.

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Implementing OpenShift by Adam Miller

Implementing OpenShift

Oct 24, 2013
by Adam Miller

This book is for software developers and DevOps alike who are interested in learning how to use the OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service for developing and deploying applications, how the environment works on the back end, and how to deploy their very own open source Platform-as-a-Service based on the upstream OpenShift Origin project.

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OpenShift Primer by Eric D. Schabell

OpenShift Primer

Mar 31, 2014
by Eric D. Schabell

This book is all about getting you started, hands-on, with Red Hat OpenShift PaaS. With new content and information on the latest updates, this revised edition is developer focused, concentrating on getting you working on your code in the Cloud in the shortest amount of time. It is based on real world examples and covers all of the languages available to you in OpenShift.


Understanding PaaS by Michael P. McGrath

Understanding PaaS

Jan 24, 2012
by Michael P. McGrath

The least understood feature of cloud computing, Platform as a Service (PaaS), is also the most powerful and cost effective. This concise overview shows you why organizations that properly wield PaaS can quickly gain a strong competitive advantage. You'll learn how PaaS enables developers to pursue low cost R&D projects, lets system administrators focus on systems rather than servers, and helps architects evaluate new technology quickly and directly.

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8 Responses to “More Published Books About OpenShift - Archived”

  1. Eric D. Schabell

    OpenShift Primer revision 2 was published in March 2014:

  2. Adnan Sagar

    Would these books be relevant with the upcoming Docker-driven Openshift?

    • Grant Shipley


      I am in the process of writing a new one that will focus 100% on V3 of openshift. The current books are focussed on V2. Hope that helps.

      • Adnan Sagar

        Thank you Grant, … very much look forward to that ..

      • Adnan Sagar

        Hi Grant, just checking in for a progress update, if any.. Many thanks ..

        • Grant Shipley

          The new book will not be out until Oct. :(

          • Adnan Sagar

            Hi Grant, how’s Openshift 3 coming along? .. Also, still awaiting your book, .. btw, does it go into details for how Openshift 3 can be deployed on AWS, using Restful API?

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