[Podcast] PodCTL #20 – Gathering Kubernetes Communities

[Podcast] PodCTL #20 - Gathering Kubernetes Communities

As we enter 2018, we know a few things about the Kubernetes community: It continues to grow larger each year, as evidenced by the growth of KubeCon. More companies are trying to run Kubernetes in production. More technology vendors are making Kubernetes a priority, and providing various levels of integration. More and more companies are […]


OpenShift Commons Briefing #112: Kubernetes 1.9 Release Update with Derek Carr (Red Hat)

Red Hat OpenShift Commons

Get a walkthrough from Red Hat’s Derek Carr on the recent Kubernetes 1.9 release’s features and functions and a review of what is in the works for release 1.10. The briefing is also a great guide to the 1.9 Release which went out the door at the very end of 2017. The 1.9 release had a strong focus on fixing bugs, maturing existing features to beta or stable. For Kubernetes 1.9, “Stability” is a key feature with an emphasis on refining, polishing, scale, and tightening up production matters.


[Podcast] PodCTL Basics – Understanding Service Meshes

As we get back into 2018, we decided to get back to basic, “PodCTL Basics”. These are our shorter, 10-15 minute shows which cover introductory-level knowledge about various topics related to Containers, Kubernetes or Cloud-native applications. We’re done some “Basics” shows in the past: What is Kubernetes Linux Containers How to Containerize an Application We […]