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There is quite a bit of noise in the industry on PaaS standardization. In my September post, I put forward my thoughts on the right approach to PaaS standardization. It makes no sense to claim that a particular platform is a standard since it doesn’t help with true application portability. Even though open source is important when it comes to cloud standards, it does not guarantee true application portability across different Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings.

With seamless application portability as a key criteria for standardization, standardization efforts should focus on:

  • Application containers
  • Application environment portability

While standardization around application containers guards against vendor lock-in though application portability, application environment portability provides a standard way for ISVs to package their software or service and makes application portability easier. Red Hat’s partnership with Docker is a big opportunity to drive standardization around application containers.

I have long argued that OpenShift Cartridges are the most versatile format available in the industry to package anything–from language runtimes, to application servers, to third party services. Though there are other packaging formats in the industry, OpenShift Cartridges are the most versatile format that fits the needs of both public and private PaaS offerings.

Today, Jelastic announced their embrace of the OpenShift Cartridge format to add ISVs to their platform. This is a first step towards open standards in PaaS environments and a great opportunity to unshackle ISVs and application developers from unwanted complexity and lock-in. It also gives developers a seamless experience across multiple platforms. Once Jelastic implements Cartridge support, ISVs can package their software, database, or services using the Cartridges spec resulting in seamless portability on both platforms without any modification. Jelastic anticipates support on their platform in the first quarter of 2014.

At Red Hat, we see strong interest among the ecosystem partners to support the OpenShift platform. Interest in the last six months has been astounding. Jelastic’s embrace of the OpenShift Cartridge format helps our ecosystem partners push their software and services to users of the Jelastic platform, greatly benefiting our ecosystem partners. I am confident this trend will continue to accelerate in the coming months.

Red Hat is a company built on the value of openness. OpenShift values openness too. OpenShift was designed with openness in mind so that enterprise IT and developers can build modern applications without the restrictions usually imposed by PaaS. Jelastic’s embrace of OpenShift Cartridges further highlights Red Hat’s leadership position on openness and increases the opportunity to accelerate the adoption of enterprise PaaS.

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