OpenShift Week in Review Ending June 10, 2012

Here’s this week’s digest of all the cool OpenShift community content that showed up on the web last week. Click, read, view and Git!

New Blogs

Accessing your OpenShift Application’s Code via Windows Explorer using TortiseGit – Mike Khusid

Drupal, WordPress and Instant Applications on PaaS – Aero to App in Less Than 3 Mins w/ OpenShift Steve Citron-Pousty

Getting Started with the New and Improved OpenShift Client for Windows Grant Shipley

New OpenShift Release – June 7, 2012 – Instant Apps, New Windows Clent and more! Mike McGrath

OpenShift Primer Demo – Drolls Planner rises to heights in the cloud Eric D. Schabell

OpenShift Interview with Red Hat Evangelist Mark AtwoodColo & Cloud

Introduction to Cartridge Building OpenShift Origin Wiki

Hosting Java Apps on

Setting up OpenShift on Mac OSX @mergesort

New Videos

Teaser: Publish to OpenShift via Github and iPad – Max Rydahl Andersen

Installing the New and Improved Client Tools for Windows – Grant Shipley


New Sample Apps and Quickstarts

TicketMonster – Learn JBoss on OpenShift – Red Hat

Update: CakePHP Example – @stevenscg

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