OpenShift PaaS Week in Review – Sept 30, 2012


Running node.js 0.8.x (or any other version) on OpenShift by Lupo Montero

New OpenShift Release – Sept 18, 2012 by Mike McGrath

Build an open source PaaS on an ARM device? Why not? by Marek Jelen

PaaS and NoSQL are coming so you better get ready! by Steve Citron-Pousty

Red Hat’s OpenShift and SCAP – PaaS Security at its Best by Tim Kramer

OpenShift PaaS Weekly Tips and Tricks – September 23, 2012 by Nam Duong

Polyglot Persistence for Spring Applications on OpenShift – Part 1 by Shekhar Gulati

The OpenShift Origin Web Management Console is Open Source by Clayton Coleman

Nexus Repository Manager in the Cloud for Free with OpenShift by Shekhar Gulati

OpenShift PaaS Weekly Tricks and Tips – Sept 30, 2012 by Nam Duong

Rapid Java EE Development – Go from Scratch to Cloud by Andrew Lee Rubinger

Enabling Java EE Security on OpenShift by Piotr Nowicki

Using OpenShift Origin Custom Node Profiles for Managing the Dev and Production Workflow by Brenton Leanhardt

ADF Essentials with GlassFish and Red Hat’s OpenShift by Anreas Koop

Value Add – Tough Love in the Cloud by Richard Morrell


Deploy any version of Node.js on OpenShift with the DIY app type

OpenShift DY, Python 2.7, Django and Jenkins by Ksurya


Docs Update: Updates to PicketLink installation and quickstarts for OpenShift

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