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As we turn the corner on 2014 and head towards the end of the year, OpenShift Online continues its rapid pace of innovation and growth. Today I want to announce that since launching in 2011, OpenShift Online users have created more than 2 million applications this month. I also want to take this opportunity to look at highlights from the past year.

Application Creation and User Interest Continues to Grow

More and more people are discovering OpenShift and finding it useful. In a survey performed by Linux.com of open source platforms, 54% of respondents said they preferred OpenShift for open source Platform as a Service.

Users appreciate the benefits OpenShift gives and are using it to create millions of applications. Since OpenShift launched in 2011 users have created over 2 million applications. In the past year, application growth increased over 100% (Aug 2013 to Aug 2014).

In summary:

  • 2 million applications created since inception (2011)
  • 105% year-over-year application growth (Aug 2013 – Aug 2014)
  • 103% year-over-year user growth (Aug 2013 – Aug 2014)

OpenShift is not created in a vacuum. As an OpenSource project it depends on a community to create it and move it forward. Github’s “State of the OctoVerse” recognized the health of our community by ranking OpenShift Origin #5 in the Community Highlights category for “Most Merged Pull Requests.”

A Stream of New Features

PaaS, continuous integration and delivery, DevOps, and software development best practices are all things OpenShift gives you. We also practice these things ourselves by staying in a fairly consistent three week release process. This means we push new code containing new features and bug fixes to production every three weeks or so. For a look back at what we’ve delivered in 2014, click here.

More Options and Offerings

In November 2013, we announced a 50% price reduction and introduced a new 2GB gear (large gear). We followed this up with the introduction of our popular Bronze plan and storage options. Since we’ve been listening to you on our Ideas page, launching our Non profit and Education program to further our service to both of these sectors. OpenShift Online continues to receive strong support from numerous Universities including several Ivy League schools. OpenShift is a valuable platform to instructors teaching computer programing.

We have spent the last few years hardening the platform and attracting developers from the Fortune 500 companies and various Government agencies. In response to their requests, we have offered the Annual Plan, a pre-paid annual subscription for enterprises to use the flexibility of OpenShift Online without worrying about usage costs.

Customers also told us they wanted to power their applications with options beyond our standard portfolio. In April 2014 we introduced the OpenShift Marketplace, making it easy to add technologies from our partners to your application and use add-ons in a friction-less way.

Developers Continue to use OpenShift For Amazing Things

Developers are doing incredible things with OpenShift Online. Take a walk through the OpenShift Online Application Gallery to see the amazing applications people from around the world have developed. See what can happen when developers are given the freedom to concentrate on their code.

Enhanced Website Experience

In addition to improving the underlying OpenShift platform, we’ve also been hard at work making it easier to learn about OpenShift and get help. The following areas of our website recently received significant updates:

  • help.openshift.com gives an updated focus to clearly answer questions you have.
  • ideas.openshift.com provides a refreshed presentation of feature requests. If your idea isn’t there, please add it.
  • developers.openshift.com received a significant update in presentation and change in backend technology. Dive into it and tell us what you think.

OpenShift Continues to Win Awards

OpenShift has received and continues to receive prestigious industry awards, including:

  • Cloud Innovation Finalist (2014 Cloud Innovation Awards in Cloud Services for the Enterprise)
  • Best in Cloud Computing (American Technology Awards – Best in Cloud Computing)
  • InfoWorld Bossie Awards (Best open source datacenter and cloud software)
  • Developer Week Innovator Awards (Top Innovator for PaaS)
  • GitHub’s “State of the Octoverse” (Most Active Projects)

See our awards page for all the details.

You Owe It To Yourself to Try OpenShift

Have you experienced OpenShift in the public cloud or in your datacenter? Find out what you’ve been missing:

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