OpenShift Online Marketplace Update - Archived

Earlier this year at the Red Hat Summit in San Francisco, we announced that our OpenShift Online Marketplace with a goal of offering a means to commercialize partner offerings.  Today, I’m pleased to share the addition of paid partner offerings for OpenShift Online users! With the marketplace up and running, we are able to bring our developers seamless access to best in class SaaS ISV Partner technologies to enhance their OpenShift applications, including:

  • Load Testing capabilities provided by BlazeMeter
  • IronMQ and IronWorker from
  • Application Performance Monitoring provided by New Relic
  • Redis and Memcached from Redis Labs
  • Highly Scalable Email Delivery Platform provided by SendGrid
  • … and many more to follow in the coming weeks…

Developers coming to OpenShift will enjoy centralized management of these partner accounts from one location, while being able to more easily bind the capabilities to their own applications. This continues one of the existing themes of OpenShift and that is quick time to value for our users.

By working with marketplace platform provider AppDirect the OpenShift team accelerated our efforts to deliver the next level of value for our users, while also moving into the world of becoming a commercial channel for our partners. Our work with AppDirect allows easier onboarding of SaaS ISVs into the OpenShift ecosystem by providing:

  • Self-service marketing profile creation and management
  • Ability to list multiple “editions” of their offerings
  • Seamless customer account creation for the add-on
  • API binding of the partner service to OpenShift applications

To learn more, check out our latest announcement. In fact, if you’re a partner interested in joining the marketplace, then send an email to, and we’ll get you started.

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