Big OpenShift Highlights From 2014 - Archived

There were a lot of exciting announcements from OpenShift this year. Just in case you missed any of them, this post collects them all in one place.


More Premium Options and Add-on Storage

In March, we introduced the new Bronze plan, add-on storage for Silver and Bronze plan users, and more gears for Silver Plan users.


OpenShift for Non-Profits, Open Source and Educational Institutions

If you are a Non-Profit, Open Source, or Educational Institution you can now request additional resources on OpenShift Online. The new OpenShift for Non-Profits, Open Source and Educational Institution program details can be found here along with the online application form.

Online Marketplace

In April, we announced our OpenShift Online Marketplace with a goal of offering a means to commercialize partner offerings. Then later in October, we shared the addition of paid partner offerings for OpenShift Online users to bring our developers seamless access to best in class SaaS ISV Partner technologies.


OpenShift Enterprise 2.1

It seems like just yesterday the release of OpenShift Enterprise 2.0 was announced. Now just a few months later, Red Hat is releasing OpenShift Enterprise 2.1! In addition to fixing a number of bugs and implementing some key requests for enhancement, this release is focused on increasing functionality in eight important areas.


OpenShift Online Annual Plan

The Annual Plan gives you access to all the best OpenShift Online features, including unlimited use of 15 large gears with 6GB of storage each. Bundled with our comprehensive team management and collaboration features, your team has the power to build and manage scalable applications in the public cloud.


Introduced OpenShift v3 Public Origin Repo

This Origin community effort between OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes, Project Atomic, and Geard will drive the next major releases of OpenShift Online and OpenShift Enterprise 3. Want to know more? Check out other posts about OpenShift v3.


small.highcpu Gears Available

In September, we announced the immediate availability of OpenShift Online Small.highcpu gears. The Small.highcpu gear is a new low-cost, production-ready gear designed to provide double the CPU performance of our existing Small gears.

European Hosting for OpenShift Online

OpenShift Online has been used by developers around the world to create over 2 million applications. We’re taking another step to support our growing global customer base by adding a new hosting offering for OpenShift Online. Developers can now run their applications with the same functionality from either of our US or European hosting locations.


OpenShift Startup Program

Combining the best of what platform as a service and OpenShift provides along with the unique needs of growing a startup, our Startup Program is here to help you make the big leap forward. Learn more and apply today.

Dedicated Node Services

As OpenShift Online continues to evolve, adding expanded functionality and developer offerings, the public PaaS now also offers a dedicated node service. This new subscription enables customers to host their applications in an isolated, dedicated environment that is fully managed and hosted by Red Hat.


OpenShift Enterprise 2.2

Announcing OpenShift Enterprise 2.2! The goal and focus of the OSE 2.x product release has revolved around datacenter integration and enterprise workflows.


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