OpenShift Ecosystem: Mixed Workloads with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Navops Command

Fritz Ferstl is Univa’s CTO focusing on the Navops product line. He has more than 23 years as a leading expert in distributed workload and resource management.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform provides developer and operations tooling to enable rapid application development, easy deployment and scaling, and long-term lifecycle maintenance for teams and applications of all sizes utilizing Kubernetes.

Navops Command provides an advanced scheduling and policy framework allowing virtual multi-tenancy and simultaneous scheduling of OpenShift and non-containerized workloads. This can span multiple production applications and also your application lifecycle between development, test and production. Some example use cases for this type of workload management include:

  • Utilizing well tuned, already existing technical or scientific computing workflows in conjunction with containerized applications or services. E.g. run a containerized web application with a non-containerized processing backend
  • Supporting a migration path for a site with many applications of which all cannot be quickly containerized
  • Sharing resources between containerized and non-containerized work for improving cluster utilization and for lowering cost

For running non-OpenShift workloads, Navops Command uses Univa Grid Engine as a workload processing service deployed on OpenShift to manage thousands of applications and hundreds of workflows that are already integrated with Univa Grid Engine.

Additionally, Navops Command provides a separate scheduler that provides high level policies to dynamically control the footprint of the Univa Grid Engine workload processing service along with other applications and services running on OpenShift — allowing it to be a “scheduler of schedulers” in effect. By combining Navops Command policies with OpenShift, customers gain complete control of legacy, next generation, and containerized applications in a cohesive solution.

View a brief video demo here!

To learn more about how Navops Command can help you to manage your existing workloads within and alongside OpenShift, contact us at

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