OpenShift Delivers More FREE Memory and Storage For Your Applications!


A Free Upgrade for your Apps!

We are pleased to announce that applications running on OpenShift will now have access to more memory and storage by default.

As of today, when you sign up for OpenShift you’ll get access to a total of 1.5 GB of memory and 3 GB of storage, for FREE! Which also means more memory and storage per app.

These 1.5 GBs of memory are distributed across three cloud computing units that in OpenShift parlance we call “Gears”; which means that in our free tier you get three Gears with 500MB of memory and 1GB storage each.

OpenShift can assign these three Gears to a single app and its Cartridges (Cron, MySQL, etc.) or you can use each Gear for a separate application.

Will the free tier always be free?

Yes, we are always going to have a free tier with our commercial offering building on top of it. In the future you’ll only need to pay when you use a fourth Gear and beyond (and only if you decide to). Spending control will be always in your hands: Auto or manual scaling rules will determine if the app can go beyond the three free Gears, as well as, capping its scaling ceiling.

So, What are the exact benefits of this free upgrade?

  • Each application now has more resources at its disposal (up to 1.5 GB memory per app)
  • Resources are consolidated and its utilization is optimized (up to 3 GB of storage)
  • A more transparent and modular scaling system (Gears)

What are you waiting for?

There’s no more excuses! Start hosting your next big idea in the cloud! Getting started with OpenShift is fast, easy and FREE!

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