New OpenShift Release – March 5, 2012 – JBoss 7.1 and New Console

Another round of new features, upgrades and fixes have gone live on OpenShift today!

New Operations Console

First up is a new status page that lets everyone know the current state of our operations. Take a look at the status page here.

JBoss AS 7.1 Upgrade

In this release the JBoss cartridge has been upgraded from AS-7.0 to AS-7.1. Users who were previously using AS-7.0 have been automatically upgraded! If you have any issues with the upgrade, let us know. In meantime, if you haven’t given the new JBoss release a go on OpenSHift. Here’s two drop dead easy quickstarts on GitHub to get you started:

JBoss AS 7.1:

JBoss AS 7.1 Mobile Example:

New Administrative Web Console

Our website and administrative console are also undergoing an overhaul. In particular for this release we’re looking for feedback on our new web based console design. The new console provides great usability enhancements including a more detailed view into what our different cartridges do.  Please try it out and let us know what you think, it’s much easier to get changes in while we’re still previewing it so if you have thoughts, please email us or pop into the #openshift IRC channel on freenode. You can see the new console here:

Bug Fixes

Lots of bug fixes have gone into this release as well. There was an issue with our continuous integration system where Jenkins was leaking code, that’s been fixed. Users experiencing sporadic 503 errors should also be in better shape now.

Let us know how everything is going. Don’t forget you can report bugs in Red Hat’s bugzilla instance.

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