Light is the New Black–Online Management Console Gets a New Look - Archived

When you log in to OpenShift Online today, you will notice things are looking a bit different. Gone are the dark days of yore–the new look is light and bright.

The old theme was created when we first adopted our shifted circle logo and the accompanying re-branding of OpenShift. At the time, we needed something that would meet the functional requirements while still reinforcing the new look and personality of OpenShift.

OpenShift dark console screenshot

As we grew and the console matured, we kept getting feedback about the dark theme–it was too dark, hard to read, displayed poorly on projection presentations (noted by our developer evangelists), hyper-masculine, and needed polish.

We couldn’t help but agree, so we went to work.

Initially, we knew we wanted to migrate to a light-colored background with dark text to improve contrast and readability, but we also wanted to address differences among typography across platforms. As a result, we employed Open Sans as a web font.

OpenShift Open Sans typography screenshot

We also set out to establish a better visual hierarchy based on importance. We reserved the lightest colors to draw attention to significant
elements, such as tile backgrounds and form fields. We saved brighter, non-neutral colors for links and important messages.

OpenShift console alert image

Additionally, we added logos to improve the identification and differentiation of the various languages and technologies available as cartridges.

OpenShift cartridge logos screenshot

The new theme also coordinates better with the OpenShift Administration Console, which fits into an ongoing effort to bring more consistency to Red Hat products.

new Openshift Online Management Console screenshot

Try out the new Openshift Online Management Console

We think you’ll like it just as much as we do, and we hope you’ll continue to give us lots of great feedback so we can continue to improve. What do you think of the new theme? Go to the Openshift Online Management Console now and let us know.

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