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Today, Red Hat announced OpenShift Commons, a community for connecting OpenShift’s diverse groups of customers, contributors, operators, cloud providers and partners directly with each other and with the best of breed open source technology initiatives incorporated in OpenShift.

At launch, the list of OpenShift Commons participants includes more than 30 member companies and spans multiple industries, technologies, and geographies including organizations such as Accenture, Amadeus, AppDirect, Dell, Docker, FICO, GetUp Cloud, T-systems and Shippable.

Breaking Down Barriers; Building Relationships

OpenShift Commons brings together communities of users, enterprises, and partners and is designed to facilitate sharing of knowledge, feedback, and insights into best practices across the OpenShift ecosystem, enabling collaboration to better advance open source PaaS. From our perspective, breaking down barriers and facilitating conversations, as opposed to building walled gardens focused on a single project, is a more effective use of open source resources.

More than two decades ago, Red Hat embraced open source as the way of developing better software. From the open source infrastructure foundations to microservices woven into applications running on today’s hybrid clouds, open collaboration across technology stacks is essential. OpenShift Commons extends and facilitates the network effect by empowering direct connections.

Why Commons, Why Now

As we build out the next generation of OpenShift, we recognize now more than ever, the interdependencies between open source technology initiatives. We want to help foster cross-community engagement across open source technologies that make up the leading technologies planned for the forthcoming OpenShift 3. OpenShift Commons is an open community where participants can deepen their knowledge through collaboration while also enabling the success of OpenShift and its various stakeholders. Unlike the foundation approach, OpenShift Commons doesn’t require a Contribution License Agreement (CLA) or large donation to join; it is a fellowship without any barriers to entry other than a willingness to engage.

Our OpenShift Origin upstream community code lives in Github and we stay true to our commitment by actively merging code contributions from community members, and the Origin project was among the top five in Github for merged pull requests in Github’s 2013 “State of the Octoverse”. This approach has been successful to date as evidenced by the growth in users over the past three years of OpenShift Online, our public PaaS, and customers of our private PaaS offering, OpenShift Enterprise. And it is deeply gratifying for our entire team to be recognized via awards and honors.

Now we want to extend collaboration beyond code development and foster a community of users, customers, partners, operators, service providers, contributors and others with an interest in OpenShift and help them share their experiences, best practices and knowledge related to PaaS. Having the source code available in the open is critical, but establishing and facilitating connections across the diverse communities that can help users, organizations, partners and other stakeholders be successful is very important and critical to support innovation and PaaS adoption.

Join Us

We are starting this journey with more than 30 companies and organizations, and we expect many more to join in the coming weeks and months. The list includes some of OpenShift’s largest customers and partners, coming together with other contributors in the community to form Special Interest Groups (SIGs) focused on OpenShift 3 and Commons Briefings tackling best practices, operations knowledge and special topics ranging from storage, networking to continuous integration workflows.

We are very excited about OpenShift Commons and its potential to enable the OpenShift community embrace a world shaped by cloud technologies. I want to take this opportunity to extend the invitation to everyone interested in the next generation of IT to join us in this journey.


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