How To Find Your Favorite Cartridges in the OpenShift Console

Have you noticed all the new cartridges available on the OpenShift Web Console?

This means you can enjoy more OpenShift goodness very easily.

OpenShift Create Application Page Screenshot

More and More Cartridges are Coming

Sorry, there are just too many to list them all here.

Fortunately, now we have Tags in the OpenShift Web Console.

OpenShift Create Application Search By Tags Screenshot

Find What Interests You

Before we start, please make sure you have signed up for free OpenShift account. It is completely free and Red Hat gives every user three free Gears on which to run your applications. At the time of writing, the combined resources allocated for each user is 1.5 GB of memory and 3 GB of disk space.

OK, let’s take a closer look at cartridges listed in the Java category:

OpenShift Java Application Types Screenshot

In this picture, you can see several tags for the application type. It’s a cartridge related to JBoss, Tomcat, and Tomcat7.

If you are interested in JBoss, it can filter all the JBoss related cartridges for you by clicking the JBOSS tag.

Advantage Search

We have advanced search too:

search OpenShift application type by keyword

All it requires is that you enter a keyword and hit Enter to go!

No keyword?

Last but not least, for those who want to start from a list of only web cartridges

list OpenShift web cartridges

Or mabye you’d rather Browse by tag?
We’ve got that too.

What’s Next?

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