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Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Brian Cawelti of RGen Solutions.

Windows in OpenShift with RGen and Click2Cloud


Enterprises have increasing demands to provide solutions at the speed of business and keep pace with advances in the industry. They must support their developers with the ability to rapidly and seamlessly deliver these solutions, and they must have flexibility in their choice of technology stacks to be agile. Without these capabilities a company can quickly be outpaced by their competitors.

To meet these demands, we at Click2Cloud (RGen Solutions) bring a true DevOps experience to the enterprise with rapid one-click deployment of containers, images and applications in OpenShift Enterprise 3. We give enterprises a cross-platform cloud and agility by bridging Red Hat and Microsoft technologies, enabling Microsoft applications to run on OpenShift. Our integration brings the container world and a simplified, more agile environment to your shop opening up entirely new possibilities.

It’s All About Containers

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The IT industry is racing to position, align, and enable container-based microservices computing. This technology enables services to dynamically scale-up and scale-out workloads based on libcontainer technology (e.g. Docker). Service providers and enterprises can offer tremendous compute efficiency over traditional virtual machine and server blade computing at a fraction of the cost and at a pace matching ever-changing business needs.

Applications become portable and easily migrated in a containerized world. Click2Cloud has the tools to support the upcoming OpenShift Enterprise 3 release including one-click deployment of libcontainer (e.g. Docker) images and applications via Visual Studio plugins. Developers can keep pace with the business and quickly adapt to customer needs in a single environment developing and deploying code and containers faster than ever before.

And DevOps

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As is often stated, today every business is a software business. Technology and business processes are tightly integrated. To help ensure the necessary integration between technology and business process, agile development methodologies are replacing older linear development processes. In turn, developers require familiar tools that are integrated with their working environment and provide abstraction from the underlying infrastructure.

Click2Cloud (RGen Solutions) developed Visual Studio and Eclipse plugins to provide developers a common development and operating platform for all Java and .NET applications with the ability to quickly deploy to OpenShift with one click. Specifically we have a solution kit, Click2Deploy, that enables development teams to one-click deploy application images that run on OpenShift (both the current version and OpenShift 3) within minutes – all integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) and GitHub.

It’s simple – you use the IDE and code repository of your choice for a seamless DevOps experience.

Cross-Platform Cloud is Important

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Enterprises are realizing that one cloud or one technology stack does not meet their needs. Enterprises need flexibility – private and public clouds and a variety of infrastructure, platform and software platforms from both open source projects and Microsoft. In other words, many enterprises have investments in both open source and Microsoft applications and many modern Internet-enabled solutions span technology platforms. This makes a cross-platform cloud solution a necessary and unifying component.

However, separately maintaining multiple technology stacks with different support teams and infrastructures adds complexity and cost. These enterprises need a way to simplify, integrate and remain agile.

Click2Cloud (RGen Solutions), in conjunction with Red Hat, allows you to quickly deploy a cross-platform cloud and run Windows applications in OpenShift. We have bridged Red Hat and Microsoft technologies and now open source and Microsoft applications can merge to a single cloud on OpenShift. With Click2Cloud’s OpenShift solutions, enterprises have new choices, new possibilities and a way to get to the cloud quicker. The diagram below describes a typical scenario and the solutions that enable Windows applications to run in OpenShift.

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Whether you are an IT pro searching for options to simplify your environment and increase agility, or a developer looking for a single development experience, Click2Cloud has a solution for you! Click2Cloud has software to allow you to deploy containers, images and applications with one click within your development process and IDE of choice. No longer is it a decision where the choice is open source OR Microsoft on separate infrastructures. Now, you can have both open source AND Microsoft applications running on OpenShift by Red Hat.

Visit us at to learn more and try it out.

About Click2Cloud

Click2Cloud is an offshoot of RGen Solutions – both based in Redmond, WA. We are a Red Hat ISV and partner and a MS Gold Partner in content and collaboration. At Click2Cloud we believe in empowering the developer and giving you choices. We believe the cloud enables you to be more agile, deliver faster, unleash innovation and become a modern digital enterprise.

That is why we have developed a true DevOps experience allowing you to deploy containers, images and applications to OpenShift with one click. It is why we have developed a way to run Windows applications within OpenShift, opening the door to new possibilities. These solutions accelerate your journey to the cloud and allow you to embrace the transformative power of new technologies.

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