Developer Portal Updates – November 2014 - Archived

SSH is Now Easier for Windows Users

You can leverage the rhc setup command to easily upload SSH keys, provided you have already installed both Ruby (RubyInstaller) and Git (Git for Windows). Once your SSH key is created and uploaded, SSH into your application using the rhc ssh command, making it easier to remotely connect to your application:

OpenShift Online Remote Connection and SSH Guide

Getting Started with Node.js, Python, and More

We’ve started to create more language-specific content, starting with a series of Getting Started guides for JBoss EAP, Tomcat, Node.js, Python, and Ruby. In addition, we’ve added an overview of the WildFly cartridge.

Framework Tutorials – Flask, MEAN Stack, Symfony and More

In an effort to provide some more help for popular and supported frameworks and stacks, we’ve started to add more content to the Developer Portal. The first few we’ve added focus on Flask (Python), the MEAN Stack (Node.js), and Symfony (PHP).

JBoss Business Rules Management System – XPaaS Cartridge

JBoss BRMS on OpenShift is available as a Developer Preview to allow you to explore the capabilities of the technology running on OpenShift.

Environment Variable Updates

The Environment Variables page has been updated with better organization and a more complete list, including more information on using them effectively in your application.

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