Design for Users by Users: Design Thinking @ Red Hat – Sara Chizari (Red Hat UX Research Team) – OpenShift Commons Briefing


Have you ever wondered how product teams decide what features to build and what changes to make? In this OpenShift Commons Briefing, the Red Hat User Design Experience Design and Research team discuss applying design thinking to real product development challenges, from problem discovery to testing and validating ideas.

Red Hat’s Sara Chizari walks us thru The Red Hat User Experience Design and Research team’s Design Thinking process that they use to help product teams build solutions that focus on solving problems, and are tailored to users’ needs. In this session, she takes us on a user-centered design journey. Learn about the techniques they use to develop an understanding of the users’ challenges and needs, articulate the users’ problems, and brainstorm potential solutions. Slides: Designing with Users for Users – OpenShift Commons Briefing Slides

Want to take part in upcoming OpenShift UX Design Workshop on San Francisco Oct 28th, 2019?  

If you are an OpenShift user and want to participate in an OpenShift UX Design Thinking workshop, we’re hosting a workshop with the Red Hat UX Design and Research team at the upcoming OpenShift Commons Gathering on October 28th in San Francisco! Request an invitation soon as space is limited to 20!

Request your invitation to attend the Design Thinking Workshop to be held in conjuction with the upcoming OpenShift Commons Gathering in San Francisco on Oct 28th.

To request your invitation to attend the Design Thinking Workshop to be held in conjuction with the upcoming OpenShift Commons Gathering in San Francisco on Oct 28th, send an email to Space is limited to 20.

The Red Hat UX Research team will be focusing in on the OpenShift Console and aspects of troubleshooting, so if you are interested in contributing your feedback on OpenShift UX this workshop will be a great opportunity to do so!

As well, after the morning long workshop, you are invited to join the rest of the OpenShift Commons Gathering which will be focusing on enabling Machine Learning and AI workloads on OpenShift as our guests. More Gathering details here.



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