OpenShift 3 Beta 3 Training – Commons Briefing #12

OpenShift 3 Beta 3 Training - Commons Briefing #12

In this recording of the latest OpenShift 3 Beta 3 Commons Briefing, Red Hat’s Erik Jacobs demonstrates developer workflows for both the CLI and Console. The accompanying training repository is located at Visit for a full list of recorded briefings or to become a member of OpenShift Commons.


Social Media Promotion for Open Source Projects and Developers

  Need help promoting your latest project, open source community or app running on OpenShift? Here are some good ideas from a lightning talk by Rikki Endsley, Community Evangelist at Red Hat. Endsley shares insights gleaned from composing 140 character tweets, handling hashtags, and tweaking Hootsuite for open source-centric social media accounts.


Docker in 5 Minutes

  There’s a good reason Docker and containers are all the rage these days. If you’re still wondering what the big deal is, let Vincent Batts explain the important parts in this five minute lightning talk.