The Power of Open Source… Microsoft .NET and OpenShift

The Power of Open Source... Microsoft .NET and OpenShift

Red Hat and Microsoft just made a game-changing announcement. Having personally worked with Linux since the early nineties, this is a time that seemed inconceivable at any point. In fact, a little over 18 months ago, we started adding Microsoft .NET capabilities to OpenShift Origin, and received a lot of interest from community members, customers and partners for a commercially available solution around this effort. We were never able to natively pull everything together to provide the support and enterprise quality that customers require from Red Hat – until now.


Under the Hood F5 Integration – Commons Briefing #21

Under the Hood F5 Integration - Commons Briefing #21

In this OpenShift Commons Briefing, Red Hat experts Miciah Masters and Mike Barret will focus on explaining the integration of OpenShift with external routers. With that in mind, the video starts with a walk through the high level overview of OpenShift as it is related to this topic, and then it explains our new F5 integration.