A Clojure S2I Builder for OpenShift


In this quickstart, learn how to run Clojure on OpenShift with a custom Source-to-Image (S2I) builder image using OpenShift’s incremental build capability and in an environment where all actions are taken inside OpenShift, except the editing of Clojure code.


AWS and Red Hat – Digging a Little Deeper

AWS and Red Hat - Digging a Little Deeper

Hopefully by now, you have either seen the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Red Hat alliance keynote or at least read the press release. Some highlights in case you missed it:

* AWS cloud services integrated with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to enable hybrid deployments.
* Joint support path for applications using Openshift with integrations to AWS.
* Collaboration on Kubernetes to make OpenShift run more efficiently on AWS.
* Enhanced Red Hat Enterprise Linux optimizations for AWS.


ASP.NET on OpenShift part 5: Models in the MVC


PART 5 – Models: As we’ve been seeing in this series so far, MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. In the first two parts, I talked about the Controller. In the last two parts, we went over Views and putting your project on OpenShift. In this fifth and final part of the MVC series, I’m going to write about Models.