Announcing the OpenShift Container Platform 3.9 GA

OpenShift Container Platform 3.9 is generally available today! As always, release notes, downloads, and other information are available on the Red Hat OpenShift customer portal. OCP 3.9 contains our usual nods to enhanced security and usability, including new central auditing capabilities, console time-outs, and improved service catalog workflows. CRI-O, an OCI-compliant implementation of the Kubernetes […]


Announcing the OpenShift Container Platform 3.7 GA


Today, we’re excited to announce the upcoming release of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.7. OpenShift is one of the only platforms to run both traditional and cloud-native applications with Kubernetes, and we’re focused on making it easier for our customers to build and securely manage those applications in a hybrid-cloud environment with the general availability of OpenShift Service Catalog and access to AWS through the OpenShift platform.