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As OpenShift Online’s Product Manager and on behalf of the OpenShift team, it is my pleasure to announce today, that the “developer preview” of the OpenShift Online service has officially ended. OpenShift Online begins production level service with the introduction of the Silver Plan.

Free and Silver Plans

Not to worry, our current Free Plan remains unchanged and available to everyone. Now developers have two subscription options: The existing Free Plan and the new Silver Plan. The Silver Plan adds customer service, technical support, higher scaling, additional storage, and more.

The Silver Plan builds on the success of our developer preview (used by hundreds of thousands of developers at high scale for almost two years). With all that real-life user feedback, Red Hat engineering, operations, and support really perfected the service, making the Silver Plan a true enterprise-grade Platform as a Service.

Read more about the significance of this Openshift milestone in the General Availability Announcement by Ashesh Badani (General Manager) and Matt Hicks (Director OpenShift Engineering).

What Does The Silver Plan Provide?

The Silver Plan picks up where the Free Plan leaves off. Now, if you need to go pro, the Silver Plan gives you Red Hat’s award-winning global support by email or telephone, additional gears on “pay-only-for-what-you-use” basis, SSL for custom domain names, and access to premium cartridges and services.

Silver Plan Specifics

  • Customer Service
  • Red Hat Technical Support
  • 3 small Gears included for free
  • Scaling up to 16 Gears
  • 2 Gear sizes to choose from: Small (512MB RAM) or Medium (1GB RAM)
  • SSL Protection for Custom Domain Names
  • Up to 6GB of file system storage per Gear
  • (Optional) Additional Gears, billed separately, at a few cents an hour and only when they are in use
  • (Optional) Premium Software (such as JBoss EAP full JEE, also charged separately when used in Gears)

A ”Gear” in OpenShift lingo is an application container providing cpu, memory, and storage. See the pricing page for more details on sizing and how it all works.

How Much Does the Silver Plan Cost?

For $20 a month, the Silver Plan entitles you to Red Hat support, SSL for your custom domain, and the ability to purchase additional gear hours beyond the three small gears your account comes with. If your application needs to scale beyond three gears, add more cartridges, or create more applications, you’re ready to buy additional Gears/hours as you need them.
The Silver plan is available immediately for US and Canada, with Europe opening next week, and the rest of the geographies joining gruadally after that.

Read more about Gear/Hour rates and a comparison of our plans on the pricing page.

Elastic Economy

Please note that in the same way you can set your OpenShift applications for horizontal autoscaling based on load, the platform is also capable of scaling down when traffic is low — freeing up Gears and saving you money. You only pay additional gear/hours when those additional gears are active.

Built on a Successful Track Record

Today’s general availability of the OpenShift Online, combined with the release of Openshift Enterpise private PaaS last year, represents a key milestone in the OpenShift roadmap. If you’ve been following our roadmap and other blog post updates, you’ve witnessed this solid evolution:

Enjoy the Silver Plan Today

With today’s OpenShift Online Silver Plan announcement, Red Hat makes its expertise, operational and technical support available in the cloud. If you haven’t tried OpenShift already, experience it yourself now, by signing up for a free account. All it requires is your email address and a password.

Check out Sumana Annam’s post, from our Customer Enablement Team, which shows step-by step instructions and screenshots to sign up for the Silver Plan.


Juan Noceda, OpenShift Product Manager


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