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The OpenShift Origin administrative console gives OpenShift administrators an at-a-glance view of an OpenShift deployment, allowing them to search and navigate OpenShift entities and make reasonable decisions about adding new system capacity.

System Overview / Capacity Planning

When an admin navigates to the admin console overview they will see summaries of each of their gear profiles, and suggested actions for them to take based on targets they have configured, such as adding nodes or creating new districts. The profile summaries contain information about total gears (and the current max), active gears (and the current max), and progress bars relating these values. It additionally contains heat maps for district usage (how many total gears the district is using vs its maximum) and for node usage (how many active gears a node is using vs its maximum). More intense color indicates more districts/nodes at that % usage. For nodes, the color will transition to orange when it hits the configured threshold, and transition to red for nodes that are 100+% of their active capacity. Clicking on the districts or nodes section of a profile will take the admin to the details page for that gear profile with the districts or nodes visible.

OpenShift Console Planning Overview picture

The profile page provides the same summary as seen on the overview, and allows the admin to toggle between viewing the districts or the nodes. The profile districts view shows all of the districts in that profile, and by default sorts by the fewest total gears remaining (most “full” districts). For each district you will see a progress bar of the total gears, and a link to view the nodes for that district. You will also see an over/under threshold indicator. The “threshold” is a value configured by the admin for the target number of active gears that should be available on a node. Each node for the district will appear as either over (red) or under (green) the threshold. Each bar is slightly opaque to allow for multiple bars of the same type to show through. So if there is an intense red or green color then there are several nodes over / under respectively.

OpenShift Console Planning Districts and Gears picture

The profile nodes view shows all the nodes in the profile, and by default sorts by the fewest active gears remaining. You will see a progress bar indicating how many active gears the node is using (a full bar is 110% or more of the active capacity). The bars will transition to orange when it hits the configured threshold, and transition to red for nodes that are 100+% of their active capacity. A selection box allows the admin to filter the nodes shown, with the options being all nodes in the profile, only nodes in a particular district, or nodes that are currently not in a district. Selecting a node will go to the node’s summary page (see Node under search/find stuff).

OpenShift Console Node Summary Page picture


The suggestions which appear on the system overview are just a short summary of the suggestion. All of the suggestions are also available on the suggestions page, and are expandable to a more detailed description with recommended commands where applicable. The triggers for many of these suggestions are configurable values.

OpenShift Console Adding Capacity Example picture

OpenShift Console Missing Node Example picture

Search / Find stuff

On every page of the admin console, a fast find search box is embedded in the upper right of the navigation bar. Additionally, a dedicated search page provides more information on what the expected search queries are for the different types of content. Admins can search for Applications, Users, Gears, and Nodes. The search is not intended to provide the admin with a list of possible matches; it’s designed as a quick access method and will attempt to directly match what they search for. App, user, gear, and node pages link to each other where possible; for example on a user page it will link to all of the user’s apps, and vice versa.

OpenShift Console Search Box picture

OpenShift Console User Page Example picture

OpenShift Console Application Display Example picture

OpenShift Console Gear Detail Display Example picture

OpenShift Console Node Detail Display Screen Example picture

General System Stats

The stats page of the admin console provides counts of applications, users, and domains. It also provides histograms for the number of applications per domain, number of gears per user, and number of domains owned per user.

OpenShift Console System Stats Overview picture

Awesome! How do I install it?

For Openshift Origin, there are instructions for installing the console in the OpenShift Origin Comprehensive Deployment Guide; the OpenShift Origin Administration Guide now covers some capacity planning fundamentals as well as some usage notes for the console.

OpenShift Enterprise is expected to include the admin console in its next major release.

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