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In June 2013, OpenShift Online announced the Silver Plan and became the first open source PaaS to provide commercially available public and private cloud support. In November 2013, we reduced OpenShift Online prices by 50% and offered more options.

Today we have three important announcements:

  • A new Bronze plan
  • Add-on storage for Silver and Bronze plan users
  • More gears for Silver users

Bronze brings the real power of platform as a service by making it even easier to only pay for the extra resources you want without a monthly platform fee. The Bronze Plan is supported by an ever-growing community of OpenShift users, while the Silver Plan continues to receive world-class support by Red Hat Global Support Services.

Updated Plans and Pricing

A ”Gear” is OpenShift lingo for an application container providing CPU, RAM, and storage. See the pricing page for more details on sizing and how it all works.

OpenShift Online #1 open source PaaS--Free, Bronze and Silver Pricing Matrix Picture

The True Power and Unique Functionality of OpenShift

Did you realize that OpenShift provides the following functionality out of the box?

  • Launch new applications directly from the web console (no command line)
  • Integrated git source control
  • Jenkins for continuous integration
  • SSH/SCP access
  • Deployment roll-backs
  • Native languages and libraries (unmodified)
  • Opportunity to purchase add-on storage

Auto-scaling Comes with Every Plan

OpenShift is the only open source PaaS with native scaling at the application level. In the same way OpenShift apps are set for horizontal autoscaling based on load, the platform is also capable of scaling down resources when traffic is low–freeing up Gears and saving you money. You only pay for additional resources when those additional gears are active.

What, You Don’t Have an OpenShift Account?

It’s easy to get started by signing up for a free account with your email address and a password.
Or if you’re ready to dive into the Bronze or Silver plan, all the details are here.

Your Feedback Matters

These new features are a direct result of requests from our users. Thank you to everyone who took our recent user satisfaction survey. We’re analyzing the results now, so stay tuned for more enhancements.

Your needs and ideas for making OpenShift better are always welcome, send us an email at

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