Announcing European Hosting for OpenShift Online - Archived

OpenShift Online has been used by developers around the world to create over 2 million applications. Today, we’re taking another step to support our growing global customer base by adding a new hosting offering in Ireland for OpenShift Online. Developers can now run their applications with the same functionality from either of our US or European hosting locations.

Lower Latency for Production Applications

Maximize application performance by hosting your app closer to end-users. Our initial testing showed significantly reduced latency of over 100ms for European end-users accessing applications hosted in Europe versus the applications hosted in US.

Production Gears, Marketplace, and More

All production gear sizes are available immediately for deployment in the Europe hosting region. All Marketplace add-ons work seamlessly in both regions as well.

Updated Client Tools (RHC)

The RHC client tools have been updated allowing you to easily create or migrate applications to a specific region. Check out our Developer Portal for a complete look at region and zone management.

Your Input Matters

Multi-region availabililty was ranked #2 by our users on the list of most-wanted features. If you have more feedback about multi-region availability or ideas to make your OpenShift user experience better we want to hear from you at

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