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As we head into the second half of 2015, OpenShift Online continues its rapid pace of innovation and growth. Since launching in 2011, OpenShift Online users have created more than 2.5 million applications, and those applications are now averaging over 1 billion requests a day. In addition to these new milestones, OpenShift Online continues to gain recognition from analysts, expand various programs, improve user experience, and prepare for the advances in technology coming with OpenShift 3.

Application Creation and User Interest Continues to Grow

More and more people are discovering OpenShift and creating millions of interesting and useful applications for both personal and business solutions. The premium Bronze and Silver Plans have also seen substantial growth in the last few months, with more and more users running production-ready applications on the platform.

An increasing number of enterprises are using OpenShift Dedicated Node Services. Some examples include a government agency using OpenShift Online for its external facing websites, a large Telecom company for its mission critical customer portal, and an financial services firm for its internal knowledge management and ideas portal.

Since OpenShift launched in 2011 users have created over 2.5 million applications. Not only have the number of applications created on OpenShift Online more than doubled in the past year, but these applications are now receiving an average of more than 1 billion requests per day. We are adding thousands of users a week with more than 75% of them publishing one or more applications.

In summary:

  • 2.5 million applications created since inception (2011)
  • More than 1 billion requests a day on average
  • 102% growth in applications over the last year

Named Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

With the growth and success of OpenShift Online, Red Hat was named as a visionary in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Application Platform as a Service, Worldwide 2015. OpenShift Online achieved the most significant change in position year over year among all PaaS vendors in the report. This is a testament to all the work that has been done on the platform – from feature delivery to operational excellence – both contributing to the breathtaking growth over the past year. Much of this is thanks to our users for providing feedback at ideas.openshift.com and making the platform better for everyone.

Startup and Resource Grant Programs

Since we launched the Startup and Resource Grant programs, an increasing number of startups, nonprofits and educational institutions are leveraging the benefits of OpenShift Online. We have more than 170 applicants for the Startup program and a long list of universities leveraging OpenShift Online for their courses.

More information about these programs and program applications are available on the OpenShift site:

Startup Program
Resource Grant Program

OpenShift Online Application Gallery Continues to Feature Unique Applications

Developers are doing amazing things with OpenShift Online. Take a look at the OpenShift Online Application Gallery to see just some of the many interesting applications people from around the world have developed. See what can happen when developers are given the freedom to concentrate on their code. Some examples of applications built on OpenShift include NFL Salary Cap Simulator, Real time Currency Analysis, MedaCheck (a medical application platform that reminds individuals about taking medication), and OpenBlood (an application that allows users to search for blood donors in your local area).

Enhanced Site Experience

In addition to improving the underlying OpenShift platform, we’ve also been hard at work making it easier to learn about OpenShift and get help on our website. The following areas of our site recently received significant updates:

  • OpenShift Hub provides a centralized location for QuickStarts, Cartridges, and Add-ons that can be used to quickly deploy applications to OpenShift Online.
  • OpenShift Marketplace has been updated to improve the overall user experience when trialing or purchasing add-on software and services.
  • The OpenShift Developer Portal is an open source repository of guides and examples for both new and experienced developers.
  • The OpenShift Help Center was created to help provide a place where users, regardless of plan type could find answers to their questions.

OpenShift 3 and Beyond

You may have heard about OpenShift 3. OpenShift 3 is being built around the central idea of user applications and services running in Docker containers. Scheduling/management support is provided by the Kubernetes project, and augmented deployment, orchestration, and routing functionality is built on top.

This means if you can run your application in a Docker container, you can run it in OpenShift 3. We are excited about the future of OpenShift with version 3 and look forward to making more announcements around this in the next few weeks.

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